Power of a Dream

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I believe that everyone has dreams; someone want to be a soccer player; someone want to be a spaceman; someone want to have his/her own business. People have dreams is easy but I don’t consider most of them can achieve it; it is easy to talk but hard to do, how many people will achieve their dream? I don’t know about it as it is easy to give up and forgot, but I am sure some people will work hard with the dream. Nonetheless, some people are invariably struggling with the dream; when the dream is difficult to achieve by one person such as spaceman, they will join a team which has a same dream naturally. Whatever any dreams, it also will influence you and your team actually. In my opinion, the dream is like goal in the team, but it has some difference. Dream is that team members will do it voluntarily; goal is that team members need to do whatever you are voluntarily or not, so the dream can make the team more efficiency and the reason is people are heart and soul to do it. In the team, the power of dream can be managed easily; it reduces some team’s blight, like dissension, because team members understand that everyone wants to do something advantageous to the dream.

First, I will introduce the 5 specific objectives and they also have direct or indirect relationship with dream power. Second, I will answer the 3 main questions, those questions are about the power of dream in the team, and also I will compare the dream power team and the team without dream. Third, I will conclude the power of dream’s benefits and weakness.

Main questions:
Why we need the same dream in the team?
How the power of dream influences the team?
What will be changed with a dream power?
Those are basic questions in this topic and they will be explained how the dream of power can have a good effect in the team. Specific objectives:

Why we need the same dream in the team?
It is because the power of dream can bring the 5 specific objectives to the team, so I can use the 5 specific objectives to explain how the same dream is import. I think every team also has some diffidence aims, some is easy to reach and some is not, but they only have one final aim, in here, I call it “dream”. When people are in the team, aims like a stairs and it is through to the dream, this is very important in the team because it will let people have a clear aim, and then people can confirm it anytime and will not lose easily. If the dream is not easy to achieve by myself, team is a very useful choice in the process of dream. However, the team has different people to join it, although it has a same team, it sometimes has divergence. In this time, co-operation can solve this problem easily. Everyone share their idea or solution to solve, it will make the dream easier to be achieved. In the dream team, co-operation can have a good place to performance. A good co-operation is not easy to do with everyone, it is appeared between people who have tacit understanding. If the team have good co-operation, it will seems like the chemical reaction “1 + 1 ≥ 2” and make the team strong. People do the work what is they feel interesting, they will like to continue with happiness, this is a law of nature, so they will keep going to discuss about it. In the same way, when we have a same aim in the team, we can make the work more efficiency, the reason is that we through the discussion to avoid the unnecessary work, we can always keep it directly to the aim. In my point of view, efficiency and interesting are direct ratio, how much interesting for the dream; how much efficiency to the dream, because interesting can arouse people the creative and good ideas, they can help people to work more efficiency , it means that the interesting can became efficiency, it will make the dream to be more wonderful. We can create some new skills from the good ideas; good ideas are some thinking, it is not useful in...
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