Power of the Products

Topics: Apple Inc., Tommy Hilfiger, Advertising Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Power of the products
In the quotation above, there are many statements about the power of products and advertising. For example, Apple Computers often advertises its products as up to date and original. It often claims that its different products are the new generations for different types of electronics. Therefore, the message is rooted in our subconscious when we see the advertisement and we recognize it as the people who use iMac would be very original. But, how can a person possibly become original just buying a computer which everyone has bought? The quotation also comments on Nike’s shoes. It says,“but my new Nike’s keep me optimistic and now I’m a go–getter.” This recognition fits very well with its slogan, “Just Do it!” which is shown every time in Nike’s ads. Nike also uses active, outgoing and well-known athletes, actors in its ads to create an impression that the people who wear Nike are like these prominent promo reps. As a result, people who want to be like these reps would buy Nike just to show others they are sporty, positive and successful. However, buying a pair of shoes or a T-shirt will neither help you to become optimistic nor can it change other people's impression on you. Another statement in the quote is “I went out and got some Tommy Hilfiger cologne and I put it on and now everybody likes me”. In most Tommy Hilfiger cologne’s ads, the pictures of the cologne and a group of friends sitting and smiling together are often shown. It basically implies that people who use this cologne will attract others and make a lot of friends, but making friends is not based on whether you smell better than others or not. People will make friends with you for your good qualities not for your smell.
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