Power of the Press

Topics: Sociology, Social network service, Mass media Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Dennis Caleb
May 21, 2012
Power of the Press
I. Introduction
A. The press has caused various social imbalances
II. Thesis
B. Benefits of social media are numerous
C. Some companies are in it for profit
III. Body
D. The social media
1. Influences of social media on younger users
2. Privacy concerns, addiction and safety of social media 3. Benefits of social media
E. The mass media
4. Negative effects of mass media
5. Benefits of mass media
IV. Conclusion
F. Social and mass media are indispensable in the society today G. Both have positive and negative influences

Power of the Press
The social media are guilty of many social imbalances that have occurred since its boom in the past decade. This paper thus focuses on the consequences of social media as well as the press in the world today. The benefits of social media and the press are numerous. These include efficiency in communication, ability to mobilize the public, networking among others. The benefits harnessed from a section of social media are, however, neutralized by unscrupulous firms whose main aim is profit. Social media encompass online tools that facilitate communication and information sharing through the internet. It is a popular method for social communication. In the 21st century, social media networking is essential in day to day life. Social network sites have fascinated millions of users. Most of these users have become strongly attached to these sites and have made them part of their life. In the demanding urban life, people lack the time to meet their dear ones. Social media aids to close this gap. Millions of youths use social network sites to find and communicate with friends, chat, share videos, information and photos. People aim to know new people by means of social media, who share similar aspirations and interests. The use of social...
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