Power of One

Topics: Film, Emotion, Audience Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: October 24, 2010
The Power of One directed by John G. Avildsen cinematic techniques are used to make the audience empathise with particular characters. For example bildungrosman, camera angles, sound, and symbolism are key techniques used throughout the film Bildungrosman is used throughout the course of the film. It helps the viewer feel a part of PKs life from childhood to adulthood. It shows all the highlights and lowlights in PKs life. An example of this is as a child PK was constantly losing friends and family and being brutally abused for being English boy in South Africa during the apartheid; to helping to bring African tribes together and meeting some very influential people that help P.K. to complete this. Camera angles are used throughout the film The Power of One. This technique is majorly used throughout the whole film as it helps the audience feel a part of the film and can make the audience feel different emotions toward the particular character or scene of the film. For example when PK was little he had to attend an Afrikaner boarding school when he was an english boy. When the camera zoomed into P.K.’s face you could tell that he was petrified to be there as he did not belong. This technique helps the audience by making them understand how he feels and how vulnerable he is. Another example of this is when Giel Piet has to eat faeces off the guards’ foot. The technique used here is an over head shot this is to help the audience properly see what he is doing and see that he is helpless towards the guard. Another technique highly used in the film is sound. Sound helps change the mood of the audience. For example when PK was running through the town of Alexandra to meet Gideon Dumar and the little kids were following an upbeat and joyful song was playing to show the audience that everything was okay and nothing terrible would happen. Another example of this is when PK is a little child he has lost both his mother and his father as they have both passed away and...
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