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Topics: Personality psychology, Extraversion and introversion, Pigeonholing Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: December 13, 2012
1. Susan Cain: The power of introverts
It is believed that being social and outgoing is now appropriated above the rest of characteristics as well as being introvert might be more shameful and difficult. However, Susan proved in a talk that introverts are able to bring talents and excellent abilities, which are more than expectation, to the world. At the beginning of the talk, Susan shows an example when she was young; a summer camp’s counselor came to tell that instead of sitting and reading books, she should concern more about the “R-O-W-D-I-E” spirit in order to be more extrovert. Although she was educated that introverted people needed to pass their quite and introvert style as more of extroverts, she had an intuition deep inside that introverts had capacity of being pretty excellent as they were. Next, she indicates three considerations through two examples in a typical class and in the workplace about that intuition mentioned above. Firstly, it is so impressed when talking to creativity and leadership, people need introverts doing what they do best. Secondly, introversion is exactly about how people react to stimulation, not similar to shyness. Finally, where the bias come in is from the typical class and workplace designed mostly for extroverts. These places support people for being committee members, suffering the constant noise and gaze of colleagues. In a Adam Gantt’s research, introverted leaders are proved to be better at delivering outcomes, when they seem to be more careful and take fewer risks in managing directly employees. Then, Susan mentioned to some of introverted transformative leaders in history including Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Gandhi and their special power in quiet and soft-spoken and even a little bit shy. Susan also says that she totally agrees with the huge benefits of extroversion, however, people need a better balance between two types leading to creativity and productivity. Through deeply sights at the lives of most...
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