Power of Classical and Scriptural Witches

Topics: Witchcraft, Neopaganism, Magic Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Mónica Rodríguez Pérez 801-09-6274 To what extent does the Classical Tradition agree with the Scriptural Tradition on the powers witches can wield?

The two biggest differences we have from the Classical witch and the Christian Ideal featured in their sacred texts, is definitely the connotation that either receives and, the powers they may or may not have. In the first, witches aren’t seen in a negative light; just as they are in the later doctrine (the word Witch was created by the Christian Faith later on.) Before, they were known as oracles, and in some cases, as humans gifted by pagan deities, or the deities themselves (the case with some of the Greek Goddesses and nymphs, like Hera, Aphrodite and such). Much like the Pagan Gods who were later marked with the Satanic brand, these women, who wielded said unnatural powers that could rival those of the new God (probably more of an incentive to consolidate his power, but this is merely a conjecture.) were cast out as the Devil’s work. Some of the people who received the brand of practicing witchcraft were necromancers, astrologers, enchanters, charmers, oracle and several others. With the new power that this religion had in the 15th century, it’s very clear how it would have been easy for them to create this image and cast these people and their beliefs out of the realm of what was considered acceptable. During this time the Inquisition was being carried out, so it was of utmost importance to reveal witches for what they were. The motive? In earlier days, perhaps to assure that no sort of Syncretism was ever utilized with Jesus and Apollo, God and Zeus, or to mix any kind of Pagan God with the Christian Faith. When we examine the Classical texts and the Bible, any issue would suffice, it become obvious how these two religions were and still are pretty opposite. The way the Gods are 2

depicted, the rituals they...
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