Power of Books

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Power of books illuminates hidden beauty of life


Zhou Fengqin became a campus celebrity recently. The 57-year-old dormitory supervisor was invited by Li Peigen, president of Wuhan-based Huazhong University of Science and Technology, as a special lecturer on reading for students, as World Book and Copyright Day approached on April 23. 周凤琴最近成了校园名人。在4月23日世界图书与版权日来临之际,这位57岁的宿舍管理员受华中科技大学校长李培根的邀请,作为一位特殊的演讲人为同学们献上了一场关于读书的讲座。 During her 10 years of service, Zhou has read hundreds of books from the university library by borrowing students’ library cards. 在她工作的十年时间里,周凤琴借来一些同学的借书卡,从校图书馆借阅了几百本书。 “Reading is such a blessing; cherish it because you are lucky to have such top-class facilities on campus,” Zhou told the students. “读书是福气,要珍惜你现在有幸拥有的这些一流的校内设施。”周凤琴对学生们说。 But experts see problems in the reading habits of students, warning that they are reading in a fragmented, pragmatic and insufficient manner, which undermines their ability to think, comprehend and analyze. 而针对学生的读书习惯,专家们也发现了一些问题。他们提醒道,学生们现在阅读量太少,阅读习惯碎片化、功利化,这削弱了得他们的思考以及解析能力。 Scholars therefore suggest immersive reading as a way to improve the personal cultivation of students and their aesthetic taste. 因此,有学者建议采取沉浸式阅读,以此来提高学生们的个人修养与审美品位。 Insufficient and fragmented

The interest of college students in reading books has been eroded by the Internet. 网络侵蚀了大学生们的读书兴趣。
According to a survey by Xiamen Evening News last year, 43 percent of college students in the city read for less than an hour every day, while 48 percent of college students spend more than four hours online on a daily basis. 《厦门晚报》去年曾做过一项调查,结果显示,厦门43%的大学生每日阅读时间不足1小时,而48%的学生平均每日上网超过4小时。 “The overdependence on the Internet for information leads to skipping logic and superficial analysis,” said Zhu Gang, dean of the School of Foreign Studies at Nanjing University. “They are too distracted by the scattered information to think deeply.”...
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