Power Distance That Arises Due to Lack of High Educational Degree.

Topics: Education, High school, Academic degree Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Knowledge is unlimited. It is practically impossible to have all the information about everything that goes on in the universe but yet a person with some ambition tries to grab as much knowledge as possible to survive in this competitive world. Mainly, knowledge is gained from educational institutions like schools and colleges. The thought of just completing high school to survive would not be right since the degree a person holds seems to be the initial measuring tool of how much knowledge a person has. Higher educational degrees are extremely significant for high-quality living standards. There is a vast power distance between college graduates and high school graduates. High school degrees are of less importance in the career enhancement. It is the further studies that count. Human population is extremely high and jobs are not created for everyone. High quality jobs that provide good salary are limited and wanted by all. People with higher educational degrees stand much more chances of getting a better job than those that only completed high school. Higher the degree, more come the opportunities.

Some may argue about how some school and college dropouts such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs accomplished so much without any degrees, but the odds of that happening is one in a million. Unless someone is really lucky, rich or have extraordinary ideas and talents, the chance of unemployment or earning less is high. I do agree that talent and luck plays an important role in determining how successful a person would be but having a degree guarantees it. These degrees can also raise social status; people with higher degrees are often treated with respect. During a job interview, the candidates with higher degrees are given higher priority over others. Some candidates may even be more suitable for the job but due to lack of degrees they are not given any chance to prove themselves. The statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, American...
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