Power as a Function of Dependence

Topics: Dependency, Value, Dependency theory Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Power, as a function of dependence
"Power refers to a capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B so that B acts in accordance with A's wishes." The potential of power does not need to be fully exploited in order to exert its pressuring effects. Moreover, power is most effective when there is a dependency relationship between B and A. The more B is dependent on A, the more power A has on B. In other words, "power is a function of dependence." On the other hand, dependency is in function of the assets that are controlled by the entity in power. The more valuable and scarce the resources controlled by A are, the more B accords importance to those resources. Therefore, the more B will be dependent on A, and the more power A will have on B. In brief, power and dependence must co-exist. Without dependence, power cannot persist.

Situations involving the use of power are omnipresent in daily life. Whether it is at school, at work or at home, the relationship between power and dependence often creates difficulties, especially for the dependent individuals. In order to avoid problems created by the use of power, two avenues of actions can be taken to decrease your dependence on someone. Throughout the paper, A should be noted as the one in power and B, the entity that is dependent on A.

Firstly, B's dependence on A can be diminished if B can create alternatives other than those controlled by A, with the purpose of enlarging the limited number of choices. Put it another way, the primary avenue of action consists of self-improvement. A has power on B because A controls assets that are highly valued by B. Consequently, if B can learn to acquire those alternatives himself or herself, then the dependency of B on A will largely decrease. In turn, power, as a function of dependency, will be reduced as well. For example, suppose B is dependent on A because A masters the necessary expertise to accomplish B's mission. In this case, if B gains the essential skills...
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