Power and Control Shown in Animal Farm

Topics: Animal Farm, Novella, George Orwell Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Trace the growth of the power of the pigs in ‘Animal Farm’. What lessons does Orwell wish us to draw from this?

In the novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, we can clearly see the growth of the power that the pigs, mainly Napoleon have over the rest of the animals. We see at the start of the novel, animal farm working well, but as the novel progresses we see Napoleon and the pigs becoming hungrier for power and control. Through this growth of power in the pigs, Orwell teaches us some very important lessons, like the theories and practices of communism and how we can become hungry for power, like Napoleon.

At the beginning of the novel we see the pigs embody the idea of ‘animalism’, the animal form of communism, in which all animals believe that they can rule themselves and in theory “all animal is equal”. At the start we see Napoleon and the pigs begin to take leadership over the farm, by creating the 7 commandments. This gave the animals some hope that this could all work out. “The animals were as happy, as they never conceived they would be”. This shows us that at the start of Animal Farm, things were going well and running relative smoothly. Orwell uses this to show us how the theories of communism are really good, and things can start off well, with everyone equal and contributing some way or another. But as we start reading on, we can see some faults start to develop in the pigs’ practice of animalism.

As the novel progresses we start to see Napoleon and the pigs taking dominance over the farm. Napoleon begins to get hungrier for power and will do anything to get his own way. For example when Napoleon chases Snowball out of the farm, when he disagreed with building the windmill, Chapter 5. We also see Napoleon starting to trade with the humans, which was against one of the 7 commandments, and he also increased work loads and pressure for the animals despite him not actually doing any of the physical work! “The work was strictly voluntary, but...
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