Power and Control

Topics: Management, Organization, Process control Pages: 5 (1722 words) Published: March 5, 2012
While business is growing at a rapid rate, power and control is play a significant role in management control system. The concept of control and power, also are the important elements of organizational behavior. However, because of the development of society, some people always confuse the means of power and control. In order to enhance work behavior and organizational performance, the people who work in a organization should learn how to use power and control properly. Control systems are widely used in organization and the process of the management. To analyze the concept between power and control, this essay will first argue that the concept of control in the past, and then it is shown that the modern concept of control. Finally, it is indicated that the concept of power and how to use it. This essay will show that the analysis of power and control, and how to use them propriety.

Analysis of control
According to Mukkins control means “Control is, therefore, a general concept that is applied to both individual behavior and organizational performance.”(Mukkins 2010) In other words, control is one of organizational behavior, and is also one of function of organizational performance. Control is an essential process of management. Control also means stability, order, reliability. The staffs of organization who have not enough experience to do exactly the organization want them to do. In these conditions, the staffs may actually desire control. Lawler indicate that “three reasons why employees might want to be control. 1) to give feedback about task performance; 2)to provide some degree of structure of tasks, definition of how the tasks are to be carried out, and how performance will be measured; 3)where reward systems, for example pay, are based on performance.” (Lawler, 1976) when a staff asking “what should I do? How well is my performance?” It is means asking for control and feedback of his work. Manager should give him some guidance and tell him what exactly his should do. On the other hand, in some case, the staff just follows the manager but not really want to do that. It will be impact on the performance of organization. A good manager should motivate the staffs to achieve standards or give some work skill training to staff for develop their selves. For example, a manufacturing firm in China, its name is “Saturday”. It produce lady’s shoes and sale them. Any new employee must experience the training of the company, and pass the training examination, and then get the opportunity of work in “Saturday”. In this manufacturing firm, every staff have their own position and own work, who under the manager’s control; moreover, if some staffs can make more produce than expect, they can get some extra rewards. It will motivate the staff work more efficiency. However, people not a machine, not all of the staff will satisfaction of the control. It will impact on the performance of the organization probably. Nowadays, some expert said the control process probably change dramatically. At higher level of management, manager should think about the satisfaction of the staff and consider the risk-management. The poor management and control may impact on the productivity. For instance, a staff who word in a super market, he can sale goods or provide customer service. At first, the staff was asked for a seller. However, the staff prefers customer service than seller; he can always smile to the customer, solve the problem for customer patiently. In an investigation of satisfaction of work, the staff gives his feeling to the manager. The manager gives him a chance to another position of work. Finally, the staff makes a better performance of the supermarket. According to Mukkins, the five essential elements in an organizational control system are “1) planning what is desired; 2) establishing standards of performance; 3) monitoring actual performance; 4) comparing actual achievement against the planned target; 5) rectifying...
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