Powdered Marble as Alternative to Commercial Ceramic Tiles

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Class Project in English 104
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This study determined whether powdered marble can be used as substitute to ceramics in the manufacture of commercial tiles. It especially determined and compared the water absorption, crazing resistance, chemical resistance, and breaking strength of 59%-50% and 75%-25% powdered marble tiles, and the commercial ceramic tiles. The Static Group Comparison in a Randomized Complete Block Design with triplicate tiles was employed in achieving the aims of this study.

The 50%-50% powdered marble tiles, the 75%-25% powdered marble tiles, and the commercial ceramic tiles all passed the standards requirements of the Bureau of Product Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry for water absorption, crazing resistance, KOH chemical resistance, and breaking strength tests. Only commercial ceramic tiles passed the HCI chemical resistance test. The 50%-50% product tiles exhibited the highest water absorption (34.2%), followed by the 75%-25% product tiles while the commercial ceramic tiles exhibited least (6.3%). Significant differences were observed in the water absorption capacities of the products and the commercial tiles, indicating that although the powdered marble tiles passed the standard requirement, they were still inferior compared the commercial ones. No significant differences were observed in the mean breaking strengths of the 50%-50% product tiles (306.79 N/mm2), 75%-25% product tiles (348.69 N/mm2) and the commercial ceramic tiles (449.94 N/mm2).


Background of the Study

Marble is naturally abundant on Earth. Because of its distinctive properties, marble is frequently used as construction materials, art paraphernalia and lot more. Marble contains calcite (CaC03) which is highly regarded for its strength and insolubility in water (Harwood and Petrucci, 1993). Mortars had been produced from CaC03 (Arroyo, Lorenzo, Macias and Tayzon, 1995). Important formulation for dental fillings and medical platers also had been derived from calcite (Claverita, Venezuela and Yabut, 1991). The presence of CaC03 indicates that marble can be a good resource of construction material. One of the most expensive yet widely used construction materials is the tile, particularly those that are made of ceramics. In order to produce low-cost tile, Inexpensive and widely available resource material must be utilized. The research aimed to find out whether powdered marble could be utilized as ceramics substitute in the production of tiles.

Statement of the Problem
Is there a standardized method for resolution?
Is there enough tools/requirements for experimenting?

Objectives of the Study

The general objective of this study is to make Powdered Marble as Alternative to Commercial Ceramic Tiles.

Significance of the Study

The implementation of powdered marble as alternative to commercial ceramic tiles will not only help the environment and the ecological communities. Architects use marble to express elegance in hotels, restaurants and even within residential homes. Compared to other stones, marble has gained the favors of architects and most artists. With its built-in combination of craft, creativity and long life, it is the perfect material for interior designing. Marble tiles transform a simple room gains an exquisite aesthetic appearance. Many believe that marble is hypoallergenic. It is due to its dense surface that antigens and other particles that may cause allergy get inflamed, therefore, making it less possible for them to stay on marble floors, unlike in carpets. Back then, hospitals usually use marble as surface for their floorings. However, the coming of porcelain tiles soon replaced marble.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The study determined the water absorption, crazing resistance, chemical...
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