Pow 2

Topics: Circle, Loop Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: October 5, 2008
Zack Kirkpatrick
POW 2; Tying the Knots

Problem Statement:
A couple wants gto get married but to do so a ritual must be completed. This ritual includes 6 strings. The ends of each of these strings must be tied to one another on both ends. If the strings make one large loop they can get married, anything else however will result in them having to wait. The problem is whether or not hey will get married. The best way to find this answer is to find combinations of diffierent loops. Then find the probability of getting only one big loop. Then find the probability fo all other combinations. Process:

When I first read the problem I began to think that there would only be 3 combinations for all of the strings together. Once I began to work it out then I realized that the top strings don't even matter, because no matter how you start out its random and the bottom ones haven't been tied. So now that I only had the bottom ones to work with it was a lot easier to figure out. After a while I found that there were three circles for the strings and started to work them out. To keep track of my results I listed them below and would number the combinations startin at one so I new which would work. I did this until I came up with my chances and used them for my final answer. 1+4 2+3 5+6=no-2

1+4 2+6 5+3=1
1+4 2+5 6+3=1
1+5 2+3 4+6=1
1+5 2+4 3+6=1
1+5 2+6 3+4=no-2
1+6 2+3 4+5=1
1+6 2+5 4+3=no-2
1+6 2+4 5+3=1
1+2 3+4 5+6=no-3
1+2 3+5 4+6=no-2
1+2 3+6 4+5=no-2
1+3 2+4 5+6=no-2
1+3 2+5 4+6=1
1+3 2+6 5+4=1
Answer (they have an 8/15 chance of getting wed which is a little over 50%) because 8 out of the 15 possible outcomes made one big loop. They have a 1/15 chance to get 3 loops and a 6/15 chance of having one big loop and one small Total Outcomes 15. If you want to get 1big loop then your chances are 8/15. if you wanted 2 loops then you have 6/15 chance of happening. The loner loops are 3 with only 1/15 chance of happening. I found these...
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