Pow #13

Topics: Space, Time, Geography Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: October 21, 2010
POW #13

Problem: This POW’s problem was to have seven spaces, three of which were shaded, 1 empty space, then three spaces that were plain. The object was to switch the colors to the opposite side, but while doing this you could only move your marker to an adjacent space, or jump over ONE marker to another open space.

Process: I used pennies in place of the plain markers, and nickels in place of the shaded markers. I started by randomly moving blocks around and then when I eventually succeeded in getting the colors on the opposite sides, I immediately went back and tried to do it again. I then tried to do it with more and more coins. My diagram is on the other page.

Solution: A. The best illustration of my solution is my diagram on the following page. The illustration only shows the moves for when I used 3 of each coin, but when I used 2 I got 8, when I used 3(like in the diagram) I got 15, when I used 4 I got 24, and when I used 5 I got 35. B. I am confident in this solution because I did each multiple times and got the same answer each time, my answer didn’t change once.

Evaluation: I thought this problem was fairly easy. It didn’t take too long to move the coins to opposite sides and I found I entertaining and fun. I though that it was just about right for me.
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