Pow #12: the Big Knight Switch

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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POW #12: The Big Knight Switch


For POW 12, I am asked if four knight's, (two black and two white) can switch places, while perpendicular to each other, (meaning two black knights are on one side of a 3x3 chess board with two white knights adjacent to them. They, were feeling restless and decided to attempt to see if this were possible. Keeping in mind the following guidelines:

· No two pieces can occupy the same square
· Knight's can pass or jump over each other
· The can only move two square forward and one to the right or one forward and two to the right
· Nothing is mentioned about proper turns, i.e. white first, then black, then white….etc.…

With those guidelines I was set to attempt to find if it were possible for the knights to switch places with each other, following only the guidelines above.


In first approaching this POW, I reviewed for what it was exactly this POW was asking for, making a clear mental image of the POW embed itself into my mind. After carefully re-reading the POW and its guidelines, I had a somewhat solid idea of how to approach it.

I first made a custom 3x3 chess board, and included the chess pieces (two black and two white). I placed each in their appropriate sections and proceeded to attempt to solve the problem. I calculated it to take each piece a minimal of four moves to reach the other side of the board so I instantly knew I would require 16 boxes for my diagram. But rather then going through that process, I decided to take a much easier one, that being by simply drawing a 3x3 chess board with the chess pieces. After completing it, I began by simply plotting the points and attempting to figure out the process through which I would go through to solve this POW. I was quickly amazed when I found the answer only minutes after originally starting. I re-tracked my steps and made the diagram included. Since, I already knew, prior to...
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