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Topics: Reasoning, Deductive reasoning, Validity Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: January 3, 2012
1. To find my conclusions I had to think about each part of the problem. When you know that one thing means you go on to the next part. When you figure out what that means you have to see how the two statements are related. If they are related then you can deduce a conclusion that makes sense.

2. Here are my conclusions for the 6 problems on page 7.
1. a. No medicine is nice
b. Senna is a medicine
Here I deduced that Senna is not a nice medicine. I think this because the first statement says that “no medicine is nice.” That tells me that all medicines are not nice. The second statement says “Senna is a medicine”. That statement is straight forward. When you put them together you can decide that Senna is a medicine and medicines are not nice. So Senna is not nice.

2. a. All shillings are round
b. These coins are round
Here I decided that no now conclusions can be drawn. The first statement says “All shillings are round.” That statement is clear. The second statement says “These coins are round.” This tells you the coin they have are round. When you put these statements together you can see some flaws. They say these coins but you don’t know if any of these coins are shillings. They can be other coins that are round. So you cannot deduce anything.

These coins are
3.a. Some pigs are wild
b. All pigs are fat
Here I decided that there are no conclusions that can be made. The first statement tells you that some pigs are wild and the second tells you that all pigs are fat. But when you put these statements together you get wild pigs are fat but you already know that because the second statement says that all pigs are fat. Thus you cannot deduce anything.

4. a. Prejudiced persons are untrustworthy
b. Some unprejudiced persons are disliked
Here there are no conclusions that can be made. These statements are just statements are just statements and you cannot deduce anything from them....
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