Poverty Reduction

Topics: Poverty, Agriculture, Economic development Pages: 5 (1750 words) Published: April 24, 2013

Poverty is one of the world’s issues and urgently need to be addressed. Reducing poverty, in all forms is the greatest challenge for the developing countries. Poverty can be defined from different angles and the most widely used descriptor is income poverty and unsatisfied human needs.It can be conceptualized in many ways, for example, in economic terms or social terms ; lack of access to adequate levels of food, water, clothing, shelter, sanitation, health care and education. It is particularly acute in rural areas in developing countries. This assignment will lay a hand on the how the use of knowledge, skills and technology could help in reducing poverty in developing countries. In addition to the assignment’s content, I will also brief on how lack of sustainable economic development and growth contributes to poverty.

2. Analysis
I do agree that lack of sustainable economic development and growth are some of the main causes of poverty in developing countries. When the suitable economic development is lacking, the availability of work and the ability of individuals to secure an income to support themselves and their families will definitely turn down thereby causing poverty. In addition, lack of sustainable agriculture, as well as integration and full participation in the global economy will also cause poverty. Economic development leads to the improvement of global quality of life requires the implementation of change that ensures that every person a life of dignity. These changes must include the eradication of and alleviation of widespread condition of poverty. Economic growth is the most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in developing countries. It helps people move out of poverty, transforms society, creates jobs, drives human development and finally improves health and education, therefore once it’s lacking it will result in poverty. Strong economic growth and employment opportunities improve motivation for parents to invest in their children’s education by sending them education. For poverty reduction to come about, economic growth must lead to more and better quality employment opportunities for the poor.

3. Poverty Reduction
Poverty reduction refers to efforts ranging from the modest easing of some symptoms to the radical transformations that enable people to escape poverty together. It involves cooperation to make poor people less poor also referred to as poverty alleviation, enable poor people to escape from poverty, build institutions and societies that prevent people from becoming poor or from slipping further into poverty. Further it requires both practical and strategic changes at many levels and address direct and indirect causes of poverty. However, some strategic approaches that developing countries can adapt to reduce poverty includes technology, skills and technology.

4. Skills, knowledge and poverty eradication
Skills development is an essential element in improving the employability and potential productivity of the working poor and can be an important tool for reducing poverty and enhancing competitiveness and employability. Although low levels of education, knowledge and skills clearly contribute to the determination of poverty, the relationship between skills development and poverty reduction is complex.Basic skills and more advanced education and training can both make an important contribution to poverty reduction, but only if they are delivered in the right way. Education and skills can enable the working poor and vulnerable groups, such as persons in rural areas, persons with disabilities, or disadvantaged youth to escape the vicious circle of inadequate education, poor training, low productivity and poor quality jobs with low wages. Women in these groups typically face additional difficulties or discrimination in accessing good quality training and using it to secure better work. However, if the skills and...
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