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Poverty Reduction

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I. Overview of the NTPPR 2006-2010
1. General objective
The NTPPR set up the general objectives which are: to enhance the poverty reduction pace, limiting refalling into poverty; enhancing the poverty reduction achievements, creating the opportunities for households escaping from poverty to be wealth-off; improving the living and production conditions in poor communes and specially disadvantaged communes; improving the living qualities of the poor households, narrowing the gaps of incomes, living standards between rural and urban areas, between delta and mountainous areas, between rich and poor household groups.

2. Specific targets by 2010
- Striving to reduce the rate of poor households from 22% in 2005 to 10 - 11% in 2010 (in 5 years reducing by 50% of poor households); - Incomes of poor households increase by 1.45 times compared to that of 2005. - Striving to enable 50% of specially disadvantaged communes in coastal and island areas to escape from its specially disadvantaged situations. Targeted groups include the poor, poor households, specially disadvantaged communes, poor communes; priorities are given to woman-headed poor households, poor minority households, poor households with persons as targeted of social protection (the elderly, the disabled, children with special circumstances).

3. Policies, key projects and activities of the Programme
- Policies, projects creating the conditions for the poor to promote production, increasing incomes, including: + Policies for providing the preferential credits to poor households; + Policies for supporting land for cultivation for the poor minority households; + Projects for extension of agriculture – forestry – aquaculture and promoting production, development of the occupations; + Projects for supporting the basic infrastructure in specially disadvantaged communes in coastal and island areas; + Projects for providing...

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