Poverty of Children in the United States

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Poverty of Children in the United States
University of Phoenix
Kimberly Carter
Akilah Watkins- Butler
November 24, 2012

Poverty is a major indicator of the well-being of the children of our country. The changes in poverty rates over time can show how an anti-poverty initiative and help to identify people and groups whose basic economic needs are still unmet. Children that live in poverty, and this includes the young children, are more likely have cognitive and behavioral difficulties in complete education and as they grow made have trouble keeping a job compared to their peers ( United States Census, 2011).

Poverty affects more children every year especially in the United States. Every year they do a study to determine how many children are still at the level of poverty. When it comes to poverty in the United States the rate for children is aged 0 to 17 and this has increased about 1.6 percentage points from 20.0 percent in the 2009 ACS to 21.6 percent in the 2010 ACS. They have done another study in 2010 that show that 1.1 million children in poverty for a total 15.7 million in 2010. This report is all bases on the different race groups in the United States. The poverty is also determined by comparing annual income to set of dollar values and this varies by family size (United States Census, 2011).

With all the studies that have been done, they wonder why this is happening so they started look for reasons. Some these reasons are could state marriage initiative are having an effect, so they done an initial exploration of the impact on divorce and childhood poverty rates. This is one step that to try to analyze the impact of the state policy to see if the changes the expansive reforms in the welfare law. While examining this aspect of welfare reform it was focusing if the marriage was stronger does this cause poverty in children or if parents being divorce that cause poverty. Really it is both, because if a parent lose a job or get a divorce, this all can cause poverty for children in the United States. With the economic being at such a low point this also causes poverty for children, because the parents have known way of supporting their family. There are children that have parents that work but they have low wages and unstable employment so this leaves their family to struggle to make the ends meet. All this can impact the child by the ability to learn and also can contribute to social, emotional, and behavioral problems in life. Poverty can also contribute to poor health and mental health; all this can affect the child well-being (NCCP, 2011).

There are two broad ranges of opinion that effects the changing of family structure and resulting economic conditions. Some research says that changing the family circumstances does affect child poverty levels. Other research suggests that the economic forces are just as critical as family structure factors. The impact of childhood poverty, together with the negative impact of divorce, is seen as a devastating social ill. Some factors that affect childhood poverty are children growing up in poor families that have lower educational and labor market attainment compared to children from more affluent. Girls growing up in single parent homes may be more apt to choose welfare recipiency. Growing up in single parent home has a negative effect on educational attainment. Growing up in a poor neighborhood increases the possibility of marginality. Childhood poverty could increase by being exposed to violence, family disruption, and family separation. Another one is spending time in foster or institutional care. Lower social support networks with more dependence on peers, less social capital, less cognitive stimulation and lower like hood of having a positive educational environment (Kirkham, 2009).

There is a public policy for poor families with children that is currently in a considerable flux. In 1996 the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity...
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