Poverty Introduction

Working poor

Poverty is every body`s problem. In every success received by a part

of the society ,the other part of course experiences poverty.The meaning of it must be

thought to the concerned for them to provide and contribute a solution to thi uneven part

of survival.In our world today,it is a blessing if one does not often bothered by the

problem like this.The people who suffers poverty are mostly the unemployed people,the

elderly,the uneducated and the working poor.They may experience lack of

income,work,goods and help from the government.Some of us may have jobs but still

the earnings is not enough to sustain the needs for the whole family to a certain period

of time.Poverty also cause malnutrition in some parts of the country ,it also effects the

development of the future of our country .We cannot think of ways on how to improve

our lives and country when we have to think of where we can get our daily

needs.Poverty reigns in most countries in Asia and also in Africa.It is one on the worst

thing that can happen to die in hunger.the government and its citizens play a big role in

this topic.Without the balance of help from the both parties,poverty will always be a

problem.So it is important for every person to learn something from the topic because

sooner or later he or she may be in the deep edge of falling from the society.
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