Poverty in the Philippines

Topics: Rhetoric, Language, Cognition Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Building the Thesis Statement
Creating the thesis for a research paper seems to be the hardest step in essay building. Yet, if you can break down the process and purpose of the thesis, you can remove all the anxiety and hassle from the start. Here are some few easy steps and pointers on how to make a good thesis statement... but first, grab a notepad and follow this easy outline towards creating the thesis of your paper. 1) Topic - What is the topic of your paper about? Is it a theory, an analysis or a comparison? Narrow down the subject of your paper to just one explanatory sentence. Example: Animals and complex human speech.

2) Opionion/View - What is your take on the topic? What will your focus be on or what ideas will you attempt to derive from your research? *This will also be the basis of your thesis sentence. Example: Animals cannot understand complex speech or sentences, just words. 3) Reasons - What reasons do you have for your take on the subject? Provide the strongest and most credible reason first, then mention another. Try not to pass three reasons, unless they will make up a strong majority of valid points throughout your essay. Example: The cognitive level of an animal is not high enough to compute complex human sentences. Animal communication is at a very primitive level compared to human speech. 4) Despite - What will contest your thesis? Mention an opposing view, a logical bias, a fallacy, or popular/majority opinion concerning the against-view of your topic to show your depth of the concept and not just a prejudiced view. Example: Though animals lack articulated language, monkeys are capable of understanding simple or basic speech syntax. 5) Wrap-It-Up - How will you enthrall your reader? Mention something that should get your reader interested in what you have to say to keep them reading on. Tip: Try researching a fun fact, a rare occurrence, spotlight moment or news event, or anything that your readers probably didn't know. Example: On...
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