Poverty in America

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  • Published : March 29, 2006
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Poverty in America

Compared to other countries, the U.S. may resemble a utopia. Although the United States may appear to be magnificent, the country possesses flaws of its own. The U.S. broadcasts the successes of its society, rather than exuding the real problems within America. Several citizens fail to realize that poverty truly does exists in the United States.

The development of ghettoes in the United States continues to rise. A major cause for places such as East St. Louis to exist is the growing number of immigrants into the U.S. The immigrants that live in the slums and ghettoes of America come from third world countries. A large number of the immigrants are willing to work for less, are not accustomed to the American society, lack the knowledge of America's culture, and do not have the education needed to become a success in society. The immigrants come to America for freedom, where most will be grateful to have food and a roof on their head. The government portrays the belief that they allow the immigrants to escape and grant the immigrant's wishes of freedom. It seems as though the government does not feel obligated to help the poor environment that the majority of immigrants reside in because the government gave them citizenship out of the kindness of their hearts. The government appears to question why they should help the ghettos, because the immigrants asked for freedom, which the government in turn rewarded to them. Now the government feels that if they continue to provide for the immigrants, they will only ask for more. The government's failure to help the underprivileged parts of America is a form of discrimination; this prejudice mentality is not shown in the media.

Places similar to East St. Louis exist due to the effects of slavery. Slaves were forced to worst conditions in the past. When blacks were granted their freedom, they lacked the skills and education necessary to reach to the pinnacle of success in society. As a...
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