Poverty in Africa

Topics: Africa, Poverty, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: February 9, 2011
AFRICA - At the dawn of a new millennium, the continent that some say witnessed the birth of the first human civilizations -- may be dying. As widespread drought, starvation and the unchecked spread of deadly diseases continue -- the numbers of people dying on a daily basis throughout Africa is staggering. Causes of poverty in Africa

In many parts of Africa, the production of food depends upon the intense manual labor of every family. When large areas of Africa are dislocated by war, or adults die from the scourge of AIDS, fields cannot be worked, and food cannot be produced. Many, especially women and children are forced to depend upon hand outs of food. Unpredictable weather can also aggravate the situation. The majority of the poor population in Western and Central Africa (about 100million people) are poor farmers who live in villages and farm just to feed themselves and their families. They depend mostly on agriculture for their livelihoods. However, about one in every five of these people live in a country affected by warfare. War destroys families and farms leaving most people with nothing at all but extreme poverty and starvation. Famine follows wars in most cases in Africa. poverty in Africa In conflict-torn countries such as Angola, Burundi, Mozambique, Liberia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo, Sierra Leon, and Uganda, the capacity of rural people to make a livelihood has been dramatically curtailed by warfare, and food production has plummeted. Lack of good drinking water

Lack of good drinking water is another major problem in almost all African villages especially in desert countries like Niger, Sudan and Mali. Water is very scarce and lack of good drinking water is a major problem in Ethiopia and surrounding countries where most people and farm animals share same water sources. Children walk miles upon miles everyday to nearby streams to fetch water. Although there are many rivers and streams in the Western, Central, and Southern parts of Africa, good...
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