Poverty Essay

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Dickens portrays and shows the contrast of upper class & lower class people, people who were classified rich and had a lot of money, where happy with a lot of belongings, such as a house to sleep in, a bed, food & unnecessary goods. On the other hand lower class people who were either jailed due to having no money or house & forced to work in a workplace where food, shelter & clothes where provided. Dicken’s makes the readers question themselves where money was the key to happiness? A Christmas carol Demonstrates all types of poverty such as , health, money, happiness significantly highlighting these times in the Victorian Era, comparing also greed, illness & unemployment , which caused a huge crisis leading to very low life expectancy, very bad economy & struggling citizens of this time of Era! Dickens goes further on to explain how the indecency of jealousy & social values towards people & employees. The industrial revolution resulted in people cheating, lying, misleading & evolving people to turn to money, retaining an obsession with money & greed. Tiny Tim a young unfortunate child who demonstrates & represents which explains to the readers that money isn’t everything & happiness is the key of live. Scoorge a man who is obsessed with money, judges & categorises everyone that is poor or underprivileged which causes mischief & relentless sins towards his name jeopardising his future & creating bigger depths of mistakes. Scoorge is visited by four phantoms, first his mate Marley that was his business partner & only friend which was identified as a business man with no friends but the ambitions of making money. Throughout these visits Scoorge is warned & important decisions is made in his life journeys. Tiny Tim uses the quote ‘O Bless Everyone’ a kid with no possession or chance of survival with death nearby displays the happiness of a young poor kid , demonstrating people should appreciate what they own, & have more appreciation towards others & regardless the...
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