Poverty: Crime and Role Model

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Sociology Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: March 1, 2011
Poverty is closer to Ignorance
“Poverty and inequality always led to ignorance, and ignorance could not be diminished until and unless the actual steps to stop war and violence were taken,” stated by Achin Vanaik from the article “Poverty, inequality always lead to Ignorance”. Poverty is when one has no money, support or food, therefore causes people to be poor. By being in poverty it feeds on being ignorant because it causes people to have a lack of learning and caring about others. Due to the increase in poverty and poor education of the lives of the people have become filled with crime, poverty, shame and ignorance. In society today, there has been an increase in poverty and that has caused many people such as teenagers to receive a poor education due to the communities that surround them. There are many reasons on why teenagers have been receiving a poor education such as gang influences. These influences affect the decisions of maintaining an education in their lives. Since they don’t have the support at home they assume that they don’t need to attend school. Given that teenagers stop attending school and get involved in criminal activities causes these teenagers to end up on the streets and surround by more crime. In the article, “Lack of Education Contributes to Crime”, by Fabiola Castillo, states, “Crime can be attributed to the lack of education on the part of the perpetrator or their families.” (Beaver, Castillo is stating that the lack of education in both the perpetrator and family causes crime. You are stating that the crime scenes are the ones that cause the crimes. ) She is stating that the crime scenes are the ones that are contributing to the lack of education that the kids are getting. Also, she later then states that, “Kids who grow up in families that do not stress the importance of getting an education are more likely to be living out on the streets, doing drugs, joining gangs, or ending up in prison.” This goes back to how kids are...
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