Poverty Around the World

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Background Information:
80% of the world lives on less than 10$ a day.
According to UNICEF, more than 22,000child die a day due to poverty •More than one billion people don’t have access to clean water •If you have a shelter, water, food and education, you’re already richer than 75% of the world •There are 121 million children that don’t have access to education Problem:

In third-world countries like Vietnam, instead of using the people’s tax money on supporting poverty and stop hunger, the government used all of the money for themselves. Corruption is happening around the world, especially in Africa, where poverty is strongest. •There aren’t enough schools for children, causing a huge lack of education. Without any education, the children might have no chance of getting out of poverty. •Health care in some countries are terrible, children dies because of not enough money for proper health care and medication. Anecdote/ Personal Experience:

Every day, I see poverty on the street. There are always beggars and trash men on the street. Most of them are children between the ages of 7-15. Although these children are badly injured and they are in terrible condition, nobody really cared enough to stop and help them. Call to Action/ Solution:

Corruption should be stopped
Build more organizers to donate in money for health care, shelter, food and education •Put posters around the street, bring awareness to everyone •This topic should be included in school programs to teach children about the problem
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