Poverty and World Wide Web

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  • Published : August 6, 2011
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Poverty has always been one of the important problems, need to be solved for the development of a nation, especially for poor and developing countries. Over the world, there are over 900 million people living in poverty and they have to deal with difficulties in daily life such as illness, lack of food, lack of education because of inability to pay. This number in India accounts nearly one third of the poverty around the world. According to Hunger in India states 'alarming' ( 2008), there are 12 states in India had experienced the alarming levels of hunger and India had more hungry people than any country in the world - above 200 million people. Although this country is proud of a highly developed economy, there are still large numbers of poor. The main reasons for this situation are the population explosion, illiteracy, unemployment and low productivity that also contributes to the increase of poverty. Moreover, the results and impacts of poverty on the people's lives make the situation become worse such as disease, malnutrition, lack of education, lack of food and clean water. If government and community want to reduce this situation, they will create some solutions to resolve more positive and effective for falling down the number of people living in India's poverty. Two categories of poverty in India are rural and urban poverty, but this essay refers to the problem of rural poverty. First of all, one of the main causes of India's poverty is the increase in population. Indian population is second highest in the world, approximately 1.2 billion people and this number is continuing to increase. Secondly, the dependence on nature that does not have advanced technical facilities so this leads to many risks in agriculture. In addition, the increase of food prices and the economic crisis over the world make the problem become worse because India is a highly agricultural country. An equally important reason is illiteracy or lack of education. Obviously, poverty and...
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