Poverty and Cebu City

Topics: Poverty, Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City Pages: 11 (1160 words) Published: February 28, 2013

Our topic is about the poverty of the people. Poverty is a state of being extremely poor.

Poverty is very evident to tour country. We can easily identify a person if he/she is poor or rich,

By its appearance. Why do people get poor? Is being poor inevitable? Why does poor exist in our

Economy? These are some questions we want to answer. Our group wanted to study why some

People suffer to poverty.

The importance of our study is that we will be able to realize that how hard life is. We

Can differentiate the way of living of each people. To know how worse is poverty in our Country.

In our study we are going to study the behavior of the people who are poor. We will be

Dealing with their common problems and reasons why they are poor. We want to seek

Information what should be done by the government to improve the way of living of the people?

And clear poverty in our economy.


1. What is poverty?

2. Why does poverty exist?

3. Do you believe that poverty exist in our country? Cite Examples

4. How can we fight poverty?

5. What are the disadvantages do people get when country is poor?

6. How does poverty affect the way of living of the people?

7. Is poverty a burden to a country?



This study is done so that people will be aware of the kinds of life a poor

Person has. It is also done to help people realize how important education is and they

Must strive hard so that they will not be experiencing poverty until the end.


This study is limited only to the sampling of 30 poor residents of barangay

Mabolo, Cebu City.


This study will be conducted in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City.


This study will be conducted on the 8th day of February 2013 before 2pm until

We finish the survey.


Research Design:

This information will be conducted using normative survey method.

Questionnaires will be used as tools in gathering the important information’s needed in the study.

This method will help us learn more about the probable causes of poverty and

How it affects the life of the individual

Research Environment:

The study is conducted in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City. Mabolo was named after Fruit bearing trees called Mabolo which grew abundantly in this area during the Spanish Occupation. The fruit is delicious, sweet-smelling and in tempting red. There is no explanation How tree got its name. Old-timers in the barangay will tell you that the Spaniards were the ones Responsible in giving the name of the barangay which the folk adopt up to now. Barangay Mabolo is the Gateway to the northern part of the Cebu province.

Research Instrument:

This study will use a questionnaire for the respondents to answer. Generally, the

Researchers will ask them how long they have been suffering from poverty and what steps have

They done to escape poverty.



POVERTY is a state of being extremely poor, it could also be identified as the scarcity of

Supplies of a certain place or country.


Poverty exist because the government could not support every family in the country, there

Are also the increase of the number of the unemployed, undergraduates, and population growth?


Yes, it is very evident in our country you can see people living in the streets and

Squatters, people who are unable to eat three times a day. People...
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