Poverty among Americans

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  • Published : May 9, 2006
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Numerous amounts of Americans continue to live in poverty. In 2005 statistics taken from "Newsweek", illustrate on graphs the percentages of each ethnic group, including Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander and American Indian living in poverty in the United States. "Newsweek" also illustrates the number of people living in poverty by race. Statistically more than half of the people living in poverty represent people of color. The high poverty rate for people of color can be linked to what Leonce Gaiter, author of "The revolt of the black bourgeoisie," refers to as white liberalism or white superiority. Gaiter believes "It was hammered into the African-American psyche by media-appointed black leaders and the white media that it was essential to our political progress to stay economically and socially deprived." Also according to Gaiter, Blacks tended to associate themselves with Whites in a way to seek advancement opportunities. Though still the blacks were sought as their inferiors and in now way their competitor. Lack of advancement opportunities is a main cause of poverty. Some people are fortunate enough to rise above poverty in spite of white superiority. Those who have overcome poverty should encourage and lead others to a way out. Also more programs should be created and made widely accessible to people of color. There are many Hispanics for instance that cannot speak the English language fluently which most often prohibits them from obtaining well paying jobs which then constitutes for living in poverty. Also for instance, many immigrants struggle for the right papers needed in order to place them in a better position. Access to this would be a great asset provided by the government. Since America is known as the land of opportunity, this opportunity should be offered to people of color in abundance instead of the justified fixated notion of essential economic deprivation.
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