Poulty Farming

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Market Survey
By: Rohit

The inputs required for poultry farming are available locally in rural areas. Also, starting poultry units requires small land and less capital. So it can turn out to be a regular source of income for the rural population. reach a target of 180 eggs and 9 kg of meat per capita annual consumption—the level recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) and the Indian Council of Medical Research. It would require almost three million additional commercial birds and eight million broilers to increase the egg and meat per capita availability by one and ten grams, respectively. Today, layer units of 100,000 birds and above under the cage system are common. India produces 40,000 million eggs and 1200 million broilers annually. More than 100,000 poultry farms of varying size ranging from few birds exist in rural and tribal areas of the country. There are about 123,000 poultry farmers in India. The value of output from the poultry sector is nearly Rs 330 billion and there are 300,000 poultry farms in India. India has emerged as the fourth largest producer of eggs and ninth largest producer of poultry meat in the world. Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana and Tamil Nadu are the major egg-producing states. These states accounted for more than 50 per cent of the eggs produced in the country. Andhra Pradesh ranks first in egg production, being the egg basket of India. ICAR is playing a vi-


oultry farming has occupied an important place in the Indian economy. With the fast-food culture an accepted feature, poultry farming is playing a greater role in the eatery business in India. It has emerged as the fastest growing segment in the agri-livestock industry. FACTS FOR YOU

Poultry development has not only grown in size but also in productivity. The annual growth rate is 10 per cent in egg production and 15-20 per cent in broiler production. This has been possible due to the availability of infrastructure facilities including birds, quality feed, modern automatic systems in poultry houses, etc. Poultry farming is aiming to

OCTObeR 2010

Market Survey
tal role in developing new technologies for optimising poultry production in the country by undertaking research at its own institutes and agricultural universities. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers egg as the best protein food for human beings. 1.5 million people. Some businessmen and professionals have entered the field. More women are employed in poultry farming as well as in marketing of eggs. Poultry keeping provides employment not only for those who are engaged in the production of eggs and chicken meat but also for hatchery operators, feed dealers, providers of building materials, egg cases and trucks, processors of egg and poultry products and all dealers engaged in the marketing of eggs. and ensure food security.

Consumption pattern
Poultry and poultry products at present command a major share of food of animal origin produced and consumed in the country because of their cost-effectiveness, easy availability, superior protein quality and wider acceptance by all sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Increase in consumption has resulted in increased demand and consequently production. Poultry egg and meat, in recent years, have become important and popular food for 68 per cent of the

Importance of poultry production
Poultry farming plays an effective role in rural development as it helps the rural population earn regular income. The inputs required for poultry farming are available locally in rural areas. Simple equipment for feeding, watering and sheltering for small units can be manufactured with locally available materials in the villages with the help of local artisans. Land required for starting poultry units is small. Also, poultry farming needs less amount of capital. Poultry production in India is recognised as an organised and...
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