Poultry Farms in Bangladesh

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1.1 Prelude
Commercial poultry farming has now turned into a profitable business in Bangladesh. Although commercial poultry started 1980 but still now meat deficiency is 89.5 and only 14% meat comes from commercial poultry farming system. Presently, major portion of total poultry meat comes from traditional farming system. In Bangladesh indigenous poultry have been kept by rural communities for many generations. This custom is likely to continue and remain popular in rural areas. The rural poultry system relies on minimal input of resources. Although secondary to other agricultural activities, rural poultry rearing plays an important role in providing the rural population with a substantial income and high quality protein. The government of Bangladesh (GOB) made poverty alleviation (increase of income) and improvement of nutritional level the key objective in the 5th Five Year Plan (1996 - 2000) following the 4th Five Year Plan (1990 - 1995). GOB has set the development of the stockbreeding, especially poultry husbandry, as the major subject to achieve the above mentioned objectives. So that poultry husbandry was expected to produce animal protein and to bring small scale farmers cash income with small investment over a short period of time.

Poultry meat is the fastest growing component of global meat production, consumption, and trade, with developing and transition economies playing a leading role in its expansion. In addition to providing opportunities to increased poultry exports, rising poultry production spurs growth in global import demand for feeds and other inputs and in investment opportunities in these sectors. Bangladesh now has a large and rapidly expanding poultry sector. Expansion of poultry industry in Bangladesh is being driven by rising incomes of the consumers and a shift in industry structure towards integrated ownership and coordination of the input, production, and marketing operations involved in poultry production (vertical integration). These factors, in addition to government policies affecting feed supply levels, will help shape future growth in the poultry industry in Bangladesh, as well as in emerging trade and investment opportunities.

The poultry sub-sector is crucial in the context of agricultural growth and improvement of diet for the people in Bangladesh. This sub-sector is particularly important in the sense that it is a significant source of supply of protein and nutrition in a household’s nutritional intake. It is an attractive economic activity as well, especially to women and the poorer sections.

Poultry farms in Bangladesh are growing fast in recent times. With a high population and income growth, urbanisation and high-income elasticity of demand, the demand for poultry products is expected to increase appreciably in the future. Hence, the number of poultry farms is also expected to expand over time.

Poultry rearing can play a vital role in a country like Bangladesh where most of the people are landless, disadvantaged and devoid of formal education or skill to participate in income generating activities. Poultry can be an important tool to fight poverty not only for this group of people but also for the distressed women as poultry requires minimum land, short capital and skill. In Bangladesh, the poultry sector is also an integral part of the farming system. The number of poultry grew at an annual rate of 6.7 percent over the period 1990-97. The share of poultry in the animal protein of the human diet in Bangladesh increased from 14 percent in 1977 to 23 percent in 1987 (Alam, 1997).

The broad objective of this paper is to analyse the development poultry industry in Bangladesh. This paper has been divided into nine chapter. Chapter one deals with the introductory part of the study which includes motivation and objectives of the study. Chapter two covers the overview of the poultry sector in the Bangladesh purspective. Chapter three covers the...
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