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Poultry farming defination
Poultry generally refers to domesticated birds that are used mainly as food to man. These include domestic fowl, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, pheasant, quails, ostrich, pigeons, doves etc. many species, breeds and strains of poultry are used in the service of man. Some of these species are of limited importance examples are guinea fowl, goose, ducks and the ostrich, others and particularly Gallus domesticus (domestic fowl) have assume a world wide importance. Domestic fowl are believed to have been domesticated in Asia around 2500 BC, Geese in Egypt 1500 BC, turkey in Mexico 2500 BC, ducks in China 2500 BC, Muscovey ducks were found in Peru in the sixteenth century and were probably domesticated at about that time. Most modern breeds of poultry were developed from 1850 onwards. Modern breeding programmes to produce hybrids started in 1950s and 1960s. Importance

There is a low cost of production and quick return from poultry compared to other farm animals.
3) Poultry meat and egg are high quality animal protein sources. Eggs are the most nutritive and have the best amino acid profile known to man.
4) Poultry are efficient feed converters to meat and egg (i.e. they have high feed efficiency) 5) Poultry production can be used to minimize the protein intake in-balance in Nigeria. 6) There is excellent product acceptance with respect to social and religious traditions, in other words no strong taboo against the eating of poultry product, thereby ensuring ready market for the products.

7) Curative and preventive drugs are available for most poultry diseases. 8) Poultry birds assist in scientific research.
9) Poultry also gives useful by-product like feathers and droppings (feaces).Their droppings contain more nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium than other animal wastes. 10) From a genetic standpoint, the short inter-generation interval of this species (about 1 year) has favoured the rapid selection of breeds which meet more of the specific demands of consumers.

1.Amo Farm Sieberee Hatchery limited
2.Choice Farms (nig) Ltd
3.Imo Gloden chicken Farms limited
4.Zartech Limited
Breeder Hen Farm
This poultry operation is primarily involved in hatching egg production. Generally, a farm will receive pullets (young hens) when the pullets are approximately 20 to 22 weeks old. These hens will remain on the farm and in egg production for approximately 43 to 46 continuous weeks, at the end of which, they will be picked up and taken to slaughter. The typical 'out time' is four to six weeks. Pay for breeder hens is generally on a 'per dozen eggs' basis, often with other bonuses possible. Pullet Farm

This poultry operation produces young hens for the breeder hen operation. A farm will receive baby female chickens. These chickens are raised continuously for approximately 20 to 22 weeks, until then they are picked up and taken to a breeder hen farm. The farm will typically have "out-time" of 10 to 14 days for maintenance or cleanout. Pay on a pullet farm is usually done on a square foot basis. Broiler Farm

Broiler Farm is a farm that is involved in the production of poultry for meat. Baby chickens are delivered to the farm at one day of age and are generally kept from 5 to 9 weeks. After this time the broilers are removed from the farm to harvest for meat. The "out time" is usually 10 to 14 days. Pay on broilers is on a pound of meat-produced basis and has many variances for the pay formula. Sections

1. Broiler Production
Broiler production is one of the largest animalproduction industries in the country and the primary source of income for smallholder farmers. The broiler production section provides extension services to the clientele (community members, Non Governmental Organizations and the business sector). Practical and useful knowledge based on the needs and interest of the clientele is disseminated to the people through workshops, meetings and...
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