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  • Published: April 19, 2012
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ICRA Rating Feature

Analyst Contact
Anjan Ghosh
aghosh@icraindia.com +91-22-3047 0006

 The domestic poultry market size is estimated at more than Rs. 47,000 crore and the growth trend is likely to continue for the present decade as demand has been growing steadily on back of favourable socio economic factors like healthy GDP growth, rising purchasing power, changing food habits, and increasing urbanization. The poultry sector in India has undergone major shift in structure and operation during last two decades transforming from a mere backyard activity into a major commercial activity with presence of large integrated players with successful implementation of contract poultry farming on a large scale. This transformation involved sizeable investments in breeding, hatching, rearing and processing activities. Farmers in India have moved from rearing country birds in the past to rearing hybrids such as is Hyaline, Shaver, Babcock, Ross, etc which ensure faster growth of chicks, low mortality rates, excellent feed conversion and sustainable profits to the poultry farmers. The industry has been supported by indigenous advancements in genetic capabilities, veterinary health, poultry feed, poultry equipment, and poultry processing sectors. India also leads in producing specialized products like Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) eggs in Asia, which act as key inputs for manufacturing poultry vaccines and health products. Indian poultry sector has been growing at around 8-10% annually over the last decade and at more than 15% in last three years. The production capacity has responded with increased integration and increased penetration of contract poultry farming. ICRA’s assessment based on industry feedback indicates that the domestic broiler meat demand is expected to grow at around 15-18% while table egg demand is expected to grow at 5-7% over medium to long term. Key challenges faced by industry include high...
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