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Executive Summery
Pottery is the material from which the pottery ware is made of which major types include earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, verses and ornaments. The place where such wares are made is also called a pottery. Pottery also refers to the art or craft of the potter or the manufacture of pottery. Pottery appeared in Bengal, in all probability, in or around 1500 BC. In an alluvial country like Bengal, fine clay is a distinctive geological feature. The ancient inhabitants of the region exploited this natural resource for making numerous potteries. The traditional pottery of Bangladesh is staging a good come back in a new form of design as the shoppers say the industry is regaining its glorious days wooing more and more local and foreign buyers. In Bangladesh there is much more potentiality to flourish this industry. In the time of rebuilding art culture and literature the potentiality of pottery become worth. Every touch of life now being decorated . To setup the pottery company initial cost is 2 corer. Initial capital is needed mainly for maintaining initial cost like, purchasing land, Building, Plant, and other Machineries. It is also needed for managing primary production. We can collect initial capital from banks, leasing company, friends and relatives and other institutions.

Formal registration of companies has many immediate benefits for the companies and for business owners and employees. Legal entities can outlive their founders. And their employees can benefit from protections provided by the law. An additional benefit comes with limited liability companies. These limit the financial liability of company owners to their investments, so personal assets of the owners are not put at risk. Where governments make registration easy, more entrepreneurs start businesses in the formal sector, creating more good jobs and generating more revenue for the government. Summary of procedures for starting a business in Bangladesh are given below.

1. Verify online the uniqueness of the proposed company name with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms. 2. Pay adhesive stamp fees at a designated bank.
3. File documents with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms for registration. 4. Make a firm seal.
5. Register with the tax authority.
6. Register for VAT.
7. Obtain a trade license.

Next step is to arrange power utilities, such as electricity, gas, water and other utilities. And then entrepreneur should collect required employees. Every types of productive company or firm needs two types of employees named, administrative employee and production employee.

It will take one year from planning of establishment to go to production of our pottery company. We take different initiatives within one year. Those are given below- I) Collecting permission different authorities and organizations to establish the company. II) Purchasing selected land.

III) Building the company’s factory and administrative building. IV) Arranging plants, machineries and firing system in the factory building. V) Recruiting reacquired employees for production.

VI) Collecting permission for starting production.
VII) Going to final production.

The production of final pottery products takes 25 to 28 days to go through the 9-step production process including mixing the clay, jiggering, Glazing and firing.

Bangladesh has a rich tradition of Art. Specimens of ancient terra-cotta and pottery show remarkable artistry. We need to hold this existing tradition. New types of product should be innovated because those will show our tradition, our culture and ultimately our rich history. Thus buyers of new generation will be attracted by this industry. To habituate people or turn people in using the pottery product we will arrange various promotional programs.

The present condition of this industry in Bangladesh is not satisfactory. There are...
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