Potentiality of Wimax Internet Business in Sylhet Region: Banglalion Communications Ltd.

Topics: WiMAX, Broadband Internet access, Wi-Fi Pages: 18 (5301 words) Published: December 17, 2012
1.1 Introduction:
Today’s life is being changed step by step very thanks to the evolution of telecommunication industry. Internet, broadband and mobile technologies have become the part of our daily life that people cannot live without it. The requirements of portable, mobile and high speed connectivity are increasing rapidly. Services such as wireless VOIP, IPTV, streaming media and interactive gaming need to be supported with broadband access. 3G has been serving mobile market for some years, and it is still an expensive voice service and lacks the strong capacity to support data service. At present, significant mobile operators, service providers and other actors in telecom industry are looking for the way to build up high speed but cost-effective broadband wireless access (BWA). WiMAX will play an important role in the Broadband Wireless Technology (BWT) sector, since it is more cost-effective and faster to set up. WiMAX is a fixed Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) system based on the IEEE 802.16 standard. WiMAX will be used to provide “last mile” access to these broadband and Internet access services. WiMAX, or a competing standard, LTE, will be responsible for giving us Internet coverage everywhere –from trains, planes, and coffee houses to our business. As WiMax gains steam, more and more small businesses are turning to it as an Internet solution. Thus companies provide internet services to customers and gain business benefit. 1.2 Objectives:

To focus the internet business of Banglalion WiMAX in Bangladesh •To identify the advantages & problems of internet business in Bangladesh •To make the necessary recommendations to solve the problems of internet business through WiMAX.

1.3 Scope of the study:
In this paper, I took Banglalion Communications Limited, as ground-field, one of the three broadband service providers in our country. It has been operating here since 2009 and has almost become an icon among the internet service providers in Bangladesh. While going through my study, I come up through the things and scopes available. The main scope of this study is the findings regarding Banglalion business policies. But, the most important and interesting scope provided by this report is the opportunity of interacting with all the wonderful people working here. Because of their dedication and energy the company is going to become a successful Bangladeshi company. 1.4 Methodology of the Study:

Research Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. The report has been prepared based on data collected from both primary and secondary sources of information. 1.4.1 Primary Source of Data:

Collecting data directly from the practical field is called primary source of data. The main source of collecting primary data were- •The conversation with the employees of Banglalion Communication Limited •Survey through the questionnaire conducted with 60 WiMAX users. 1.4.2 Secondary Source of Data:

The secondary data has been collected from the following sources. These are: •Websites.
Brochures of Bangalion WiMAX Company.

1.4.3 Sampling

Sampling MethodNon-Probability Sampling
Sampling TechniqueConvenience Sampling
Sample Size60 Banglalion WiMAX users in Sylhet region
Sample Selection20 from corporate user, 20 from student segment & 20 from other customer group.

1.5 Limitations of the study:
To prepare the report I have faced some constrain which are as follows: Some essential data could not be gathered because of confidentiality concerns. Relevant paper & document were not available sufficiently. One major limitation was the time constraint.

Data was collected through observation and discussion with Banglalion WiMAX company’s personnel. So, statistical analysis of the data has not been done properly. Since I was placed as an intern in Sylhet regional office, I was not able to collect much important information on the operation in whole country.

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