Potentialities of Hatirpool, Khilgaon and Segunbagicha Kitchen Market

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Potentialities of Hatirpool, Shegunbagicha and Khilgaon Kitchen Market Hatirpool Bazar
The sellers dump the wastes in a dustbin. As a result the market gets less dirty. The management system of wastes in this market is of average level. The wastes are brought to the Matoail landfill area for landfilling the wastes. The bazar has adopted sanitary landfilling which retains the quality of environment. The bazar committee consists of 7-8 members. The committee monitors the condition of the bazar 2-3 times a week and takes necessary measures if any problem is sighted. If any equipment is lost or malfunctioned they contacts with Dhaka City Corporation for the rapid remedial process. During Eid and other special occasion the bazar committee takes extra measures i.e. hiring additional cleaners for extra charge. The other kitchen Markets can follow the Hatirpool bazars usage of dustbin and active management committee to ensure effective waste management. Segunbagicha Kitchen Market

Segunbagicha Kitchen Market situated in a multipurpose building. The first two floors are used as kitchen market. The ground floor is used as vegetable shop, fish shop, poultry house and slaughter house and first floor is used for grocery and others. The shops of the kitchen market are pre-planned and well designed. As the market is a pucca infrastructure, it is convenient for the buyers to shop there. Also it is easy for the cleaners for the cleaning and maintenance work. The cleaners In addition to to this, there are small scope for the spreading of stench of kitchen market during the Rainy season. There are no temporary shops outside the bazar area so it’s easy to manage the waste. The cleaners collect wastes two times a day.

Khilgaon Kitchen Market
The Khilgaon Kitchen Market is designed in a planned way. It is divided into two sections. One section is used as Grocery shops and the other one is used as Vegetable shop, poultry house, meat shop, fruit shop etc. As the shops are not...
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