Potential Suicide Victims

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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I. Suicide among college students is a serious problem.
A. Last year 10,000 young Americans committed suicide. B. According to the National Institute of mental Health, suicide id the fastest growing cause of death for people aged 17 – 24 nationwide. C. Even on our campus the rate of suicide is quite high. 1. In an interview with Roger Howard, associate dean of students, I learned that last year there were over 60 known suicide attempts on our campus. 2. Dean Howard also said that for every known suicide attempt, two or three more go unnoticed. II. We can help solve the problem by knowing how to identify potential suicide victims and whom to contact about helping them. D. Identifying potential suicide victims is easier than you think. 3. The National Institute of Mental Health says 80 percent of the people who commit suicide tell someone ahead of time that they are going to kill themselves. 4. There are also more subtle warning signs that a person may try to commit suicide. a. One warning sign is loss of appetite.

b. A second warning sign is prolonged depression. c. A third warning sign is giving away one’s possessions. E. There are excellent services available on campus and in the community to help potential suicide victims. 5. On campus students can go to the University Counseling Service. 6. In town students can go to the Suicide Prevention Center.

I. Most Americans do not get the sleep they need on a regular basis. A. The typical adult needs about eight hours of sleep each night to function effectively during the day. B. Yet, most Americans consistently get less than eight hours sleep a night. 1. A Stanford study showed that over half the population gets less than seven hours sleep a night. 2. The same study showed that 20 percent of the population gets less than six hours sleep a night. II. Sleep...
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