Potential Risks of an E-Commerce System

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Potential Risks of an E-Commerce System

Computer viruses and malicious software are some of the biggest threats to an e-commerce system. Viruses come from external sources and can corrupt files if introduced into the internal network. They can completely halt or destroy a computer system and disrupt the operations of any website especially E-Commerce. Malicious software such as Trojan horses pose an even greater threat as they can capture information about your clients before any encryption software can take effect. They can also impersonate a customer and pass bad or malicious code into the server running the website, this then becomes an internal problem. “An e-commerce website is also vulnerable to fraud from both internal and external sources. Fraud activities include credit card fraud, which exposes the site to threat from customers and external sources, and internal fraud, such as fraudulent transactions being entered into the system from the back-end by rogue employees. Fraudulent transactions can also be introduced into the system by hackers or Trojan horses, with such fraudulent transactions appearing identical to real customers' transactions.”(Gissimee Doe, 2013) Hackers pose a threat to the future of e-commerce in two ways. First, they directly endanger e-commerce by increasing the risk of private financial information transmitted over the Internet being intercepted and used for illegal purposes. Secondly, they indirectly suppress the growth of e-commerce by undermining the public's confidence in the safety of online transactions. This indirect threat is from the way that consumers perceive hackers. Hackers are typically characterised as super-criminals with extraordinary powers and malicious intent, many consumers may still be afraid to buy and sell goods and services over the Internet, even with adequate safeguards. “Software firewalls consist of a software package that is installed on a server such as Linux or Windows. Software or server-based...
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