Potbelly Sandwich Works

Topics: Potbelly Sandwich Works, Marketing, Submarine sandwich restaurants Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: September 14, 2012
Potbelly Sandwich Works Grows through “Quirky” Marketing| Marketing Principles – Upper Iowa University|
Wendy Fowler|


1. Identify and describe Potbelly’s strategy in terms of product (present or new) and market (present or new). In regards to product, according to CEO Bryant Keil, he says, “Anyone can sell a sandwich. You need to sell experience.” Their strategy is more of a core principle. They hire nice people. And the basic premise is serving good food, having nice people and nice environment is their marketing strategy. From a product view, their strategy is toasted sandwiches, quality ingredients and friendly service. Their pricing is a simple one-price for all sandwiches. They make their own cookies which go for 99 cents. “Just good food at good prices.” Potbelly’s promotional tactics are generated by positive word of mouth and event promotion activities with store openings and national sandwich day along with community based events and local charity drives that with a donation, they gave away a free sandwich. Goodwill and word of mouth is a piece of their advertising. 2. How would you describe Potbelly’s positioning strategy? Every store is a little different. That is their development strategy. They have stores which are 675 square feet to 5000 square feet while an average store is 2200 square feet with a variety real estate formats indoor and outdoor seating. They select their geographical carefully by choosing ones not saturated with sandwich chains. Mostly they are urban locations, lively and with a comfy décor. 3. What types of environmental opportunities and threats do you see in Potbelly’s external environment? How might they affect Potbelly’s current strategy? Potbelly’s is considered a significant threat to its competition nationally, regionally and locally to brands such as Subway, Quiznos, Paneras and even Jimmy Johns. They have an atmosphere that cannot be duplicated by their...
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