Potato Research

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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Bangladesh is an agriculture dependent country. Lots of crops are cultivated in the firm land of Bangladesh. In last few decades, the demand of potato is increasing rapidly. As a developing country, the people of Bangladesh are not so affluent. That’s why they prefer potato to rice or wheat. The demand of potato is thus increasing as it is cheaper than the other two horticultural product rice and wheat.

Last year, the production of potato is massive. But, that huge production makes a little impact on the price level of potato. The price at the point of production is relevantly low. But, when the product is in the market it is priced twice or thrice. Clearly, there is something that increases the price of potato. This study will be proposed to conduct on “Increasing price of Potato though the production is increasing.”

Objective of the study:

To determine the factors that increases the price.
To provide assistance in setting govt. policy toward potato.
To determine consumers perception toward this price increasing.
To determine the reaction of the farmers.
To determine the condition of the farmers.

Broad Research Questions:

RQ1: Is the price of producers affecting the actual price of potato? RQ2: Is the price of local assemblers affecting the actual price of potato? RQ3: Is the price of wholesalers affecting the actual price of potato? RQ4: Is the price of cold storage owners affecting the actual price of potato? RQ4: Is the price of retailers affecting the actual price of potato? RQ4: Is the cost of transportation companies affecting the actual price of potato?

Literature review:

A research conducted by Gregary J. Scott at 1988 focus the prospects and the situation of potato market in Bangladesh. He showed that potato is marketed by producers, local assemblers, wholesalers, cold storage owners and others. When the producers sold potato to the local assemblers the price was low and through the last...
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