Potassium and Tiffany Lamp

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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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I believe that Horace Throat commited the murder of Mr. Dusty Mantel at the Inn owned by Mrs. Eve Dropper. Although all the occupants of the Inn had it in for Dusty due to his immoral means and conniving ways, only one of them brought his life to a sudden end. Both Anita Mann, his girlfriend, and Chester Drauers were conspiring against him. She wanted out of the relationship because she was “tired of Dusty beating on her” and Drauers wanted the Tiffany Lamp because he had knowledge of its true value. Drauers told Anita that he would take care of everything and later after the auction he phoned the mob boss, Don Angelini, for a hit on Dusty. Don said it would take two days time and there would be a man. Since two days did not pass from this call and there was no other man or suspect I ruled out Drauers and Anita’s involvement in his death even though they had direct contact with his tea cup. OJ Glasse was being blackmailed by Dusty Mantel, about the second and final Will that he discovered on his dead brother’s desk. He works for the FBI as a bio-chemist and would probably have access to potassium cyanide, but he “couldn’t even kill a rat for an experiment”, not to mention there was no direct opportunity after Dusty left to change. Tiffany Glasse had been robbed of her father’s fortune by Dusty, yet, she did not seem to know about it. She did know that he had outbid her for her mothers beloved Tiffany Lamp from which she was named. Eve Dropper overheard them arguing and yelling at each other, presumably about the lamp. She wasn’t near his table before he died and she did not have the opportunity to poison Dusty. Eve dropper was my next suspect idea, but I too, ruled her out as the murderer. She had it all, motive, opportunity and Ability (to some extend). She was the reason he left the room to change and he was about to inform her about the foreclosure on the Inn. There was only one commonality with the rat poison and the tea cup: Sodium, an alkaloid. Although he...