Postmodern Ethics Theory

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 165 (56020 words) Published: November 5, 2012
The word ‘ethics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘ethos’ meaning an individual’s character and a community’s culture. Business ethics is a fuzzy area. No universal sets of ethical principles exist and what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ depends on the circumstances. To instil ethical values into corporate and the employees that inhibit, businesses must have vision about what they exist for, shared by everyone connected to the business. The new focus on ethics is due to the boost, the ‘brand value’ with ethical behaviour. People prefer working for firms which are ethical and in turn are their assets An attempt has been made to study the following aspects: • • To examine the extent of agreement on ethical issues related to business. To study impact of personal characteristics and ethical behaviour of mangers in corporate. • To study the effect of cultural and gender issues on ethical behaviour of managers. Gender issues could not be analysed due to managers unwilling to give their names and details. A questionnaire (Appendix 1) was sent out to 500 managers and a response of 52% was there. The sectors approached were Software Industry, Engineering and Electronics Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Agriculture and Chemical Industry, Banking Industry, Foreign Industry etc. The thesis is entitled, “A Study on the Agreement of Ethical Issues of Corporate Sector”. Due to the untimely death of Dr. Druti Shah-Taylor of Cambridge University, U.K only 10 % of the responses was from there. The thesis is composed of eight chapters. Chapter I is an overview of ethical issues in corporate. The researcher made use of the libraries and institutions in Ahmedabad to present this overview which covers observations and theory to date.

Chapter II deals with the result methodology and describes the various industries approached and responses received. Statistical analyses applied to the data have been presented. Chapter III presents the data analysis of individual agreement on ethical issues. The data has been presented in tabular form in Table III.1 to III.6 which have further sub division. Chapter IV summarises the data analysis of organisational related agreement on ethical issues. The data comprises of Table IV.1 to IV.6 which are further sub divided. Chapter V gives the data analysis of human resources related agreement on ethical issues. The data is presented Table V.1 to V.6 with further sub division. Chapter VI presents the data analysis of marketing related agreement on ethical issues. The data is summarised in Table VI.1 to VI.6 with sub divisions. Chapter VII is on hypothesis testing of agreement level of managers. ANOVA and t-test statistical analyses have been carried out on data and conclusion arrived at. Chapter VIII summarises the data and presents the findings and conclusions.

The researcher is highly indebted to Prof. Daksha C. Gohil, M.Com., PhD., Professor and Head, Department of Commerce and Business Administration, Saurashtra University, Rajkot for the continued encouragement and unfailing guidance through out the present research work. Thanks are due to Dr. Pratapsinh L. Chauhan, Professor and Head, Department of Business Management, Saurashtra University Rajkot for his support. Thanks are due to Shri P. R. Joshi, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Shri Vijay Teng, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd. and Smt. Jignasha B. Pandya (U.K) for their help. Special thanks are due to Dr. Anita Shah for help in Statistical Analysis. The researcher would be failing in her duties if she does not acknowledge the support and guidance of her father Dr. B. S. Shah and her mother Smt. Yogini B. Shah. Special thanks to Smt. Gorsi Parekh, and Dr. Tarulata Hirani of Ahmedabad International School, Ahmedabad for their encouragement. Thanks to those whose names has not been possible to mention for their help.

Ms. Deepti Shah

Chapter I Overview of Ethical Issues in Corporate Theories of Ethics: Traditional Ethical...
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