Postives and Negatives of Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Rotary dial Pages: 7 (2853 words) Published: March 25, 2012
“Investigate how the purchase of one electrical item may have a positive or a negative impact on people”. I will be reporting on the positives and negatives of mobile phones. I will investigate how they can be sustainable as well as how they are not sustainable for the future. I will discuss various negative as well as positive issues like the health information regarding mobile phones. How mobile phones has helped the growth of various countries. Also how mobile phones are impacting child labour and human rights. Other issues like riots and Arab springs will also be reported on in great detail. I will research the mobile company. I did primary research to find out which phone everybody has. This graph clearly indicates that most people I researched have Nokia.

Nokia in 1967, well it would have been difficult to predict how successful Nokia was going to become as they started off selling common products like wellington boots. There H.Q is located in Finland. The research and development of Nokia is located in Finland, Spain, and china, Denmark, Germany and England. The production of Nokia is located in UK, India, Brazil, Mexico, and china, Finland, Romania and Hungary. I will also examine the issue around how Colton is causing a bad effect on countries like Congo. I will seek different people’s views for an unbiased study into this investigation. The mobile phone subscription has increased from 2002 and 2007 in every part of the world. Europe had the biggest increase in mobile phone subscriptions as it’s increased from 51,000 inhabitants to 111,000 inhabitants. This is because Europe is the richest continent in the world so it can afford for people to buy one or multiple phones to their likings. Asia has the biggest increase in developing continents. Africa is the fastest-growing mobile market in the world. The GSM Association report on Africa says: It expects there will be more than 735 million subscribers by the end of 2012. Analysts say that there is high usage of mobile phones since the landline is bad and expensive. ”Now almost every adult, child and domestic pet seems to have one, given that 30 million phones are sold every year in UK”. Everyone seems to have a mobile phone. “More than a billion mobile phone connections have been added to the global tally in just 18 months, according to wireless intelligence”. “More than 10 billion phones have been sold worldwide since 1994”. This indicates how the usage of mobile phones has increased. “This device has become part of the fabric of society, whether a teenage girl taking a blackberry to bed with her, or a farmer in a African village trying to find out the latest crop prices”. Mobile phones have become a part of society all around the world. With 5 billion phones there are more mobile phones used then personal computers. “Five billion phones means there are more than three times as many phones than personal computers. It is said to believe that the market for mobile phones is likely to explode in the future. There are more people using a mobile phone than ever as over 70% of the world is mobile users. This is because the ever decreasing value of old phones means that mobile phones will be more affordable. In addition in this modern generation it’s socially considered rare to not have a phone. So from that social peer pressure everyone nowadays has a phone. 92% of the mobile phones users can’t get through a day without using their phones. This means most people use their phones every day and they are playing a important role in their life’s. 14% of the people have 2 or more mobile phones meaning they use multiple mobiles for multiple uses, For example one cheap phone for just calling abroad and one for luxury uses like entertainment. On average people in Britain make 2.8 calls a day and 3.6 text messages a day. 85% of children worldwide own a phone but only 30% of children have access to a book. This just shows how kids these days have...
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