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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Final Culminating

Partners: Maymuna Abdi & Mohamed Hazzan

Teacher: Kris Reddy

Environmental issues such as climate change, water pollution and renewable energy have become more and more important in everyday life. Many people recognize chemistry and the chemical industry as harmful to the environment. However, many new advances and scientific researches in the field of chemistry are helping us develop more environment friendly materials and applications, while conserving the quality and the lifestyle we anticipate.

Over the years, the industry and wider public have become aware of the damaging effects of some past practices and the need to protect the environment. In the past, few were aware of the possibly negative effects our modern lifestyle might have on the environment, and rather saw only the positive potential for creating new, useful materials and products.

Research in chemistry has revealed that industrial processes in chemistry could play a role in developing solutions to environmental issues such as climate change, waste management, recycling, and energy efficiency. Without chemists, we might never have truly understood these problems. Profound changes are still being made to provide other solutions.

As you know carbon dioxide is one of the green houses gases which are causing global warming, by knowing the chemistry of these gases you can think of solutions that can reduce the effect of greenhouse gases on our environment. So, chemistry easily helps us in solving most of our current issues on environmental pollution.

Electro Chemistry and its Effect on Environmental Issues

A growing world population with rising industrial demands has led to the situation where the protection of the environment has become a major issue and vital factor for the future development of industrial processes. Electrochemistry offers promising...
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