Post-Wwii Tensions.

Topics: World War II, Cold War, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: May 14, 2008
After WWII, America and the Soviet Union were the 2 remaining super powers of the world. A rivalry formed between the two and created the Cold War in which both nations tried to be better in any way than the other. This had great effects on the American Society and Foreign Policy.

American Society was changed significantly due to the Cold War. New ways of life developed and many fears from the Cold War changed daily life. One way American society was changed socially was people were in constant fear of a nuclear war. They afraid of a nuclear war with Russia so they went out of there way to take precautions for it like with building bomb shelters in the back yards or basements as told in document 5. Precautions also went on in schools such as the practice of bomb drills where kids would get under there desks when the alarm went off. Bomb shelters were also built into schools in case of such an emergency as well. This all changed the former ways because it interrupted daily life from the normal. Politically American society was affected because people were split between opinions on communism. As in document 4 in the Trial of Julies and Ethel Rosenberg, people were either for or against it which showed this political split and caused tensions between our own people, this was a big change. Before the War, people did not care for Russia but now most Americans have a hatred for them.

American society was changed economically from the Cold War too. People supported certain parts of education during this rivalry. In Russia, they launched a satellite which was the first to successfully orbit the earth. This made us want to beat them in the space race, we wanted to be more successful in space and we feared they could use this against us. In document 6 it portrays that we funded and taught science and math education over other subjects, emphasizing them. This caused less attention towards English skills and history ethics. Without those, kids did not...
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