Post War Romantic Era 1960s

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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Post War Romantic Era

The 1960’s in America were a new turn in society. The meaning of love, friends, and earth were all commonly used. This era of the 1960’s were filled with baby boomers that had a great appreciation for life and love. This life full with joy, and love created a new group of music that was very fitting to it’s time. These great generations of the 1960’s were home to a new style of music, as also in their life a new world was forming. Some of these artist consisted of The Mamas & Papas, Scott Mackenzie, and the Young bloods. Some of the greatest and influential people had been apart of the 1960’s. The 1960s was an era of political and Cultural Revolution. The children form the post World War II baby boomers were heading into adult hood. These young Americans greatly influenced society with the civil rights movement, and fighting for equality.

This era of the 1960’s was the birth of political activism and hippies. The music of the 1960’s had a great sense of love in earth, and life. A new western civilization was calling people from all over. In “The Mama’s & Papa’s California Dreaming,” you get the understanding of all of this through the song. The song talk’s about leafs changing color and walking through the snow, however you don’t need to be doing this because LA is calling. The warm sun of California where life is good, and the sky’s are no longer grey but clear and beautiful.

As well as moving to the west in the 1960’s was common. So was love and equality. This had a great meaning of the 1960’s and in the song Get together by “The Young Bloods,” you get the feel of passion towards people getting along. “Come-on people know smile on your brother everybody try to get to gather and try to love one another”. This line from the song represents the Romantic era notion of redemption in the 1960’s. The Romantic era of the 1960’s had expanded and was dominating the 1960’s. This gave birth to hundreds of songs, all written with the...
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