Post-War Germany Comparison and Problems of Economic Development

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Post-war Germany comparison and problems of economic development

Through the previous essay describes, we knew Germany from baifeidaixing status after the war to later return to the powerful countries of the world.Need a lot of qualified support, in which the Government plays a crucial role.This is why defeated Germany to rise again, and the victory of the United Kingdom had lost its dominance.

The fate of two kinds of economic

One of the most significant features in the history of Western Europe after the war in West Germany and the United Kingdom of great contrasts on economic development.Germany a generation in their own fate had experienced twice in the life of the vanquished: the cities were destroyed and currency failure, male labour force is either killed or being held in prisoner of war camps, transport and service infrastructure had been completely destroyed.While the United Kingdom was only a clear victory in the second world war in Europe.Aside from being subjected to bombing and personnel injury, a United Kingdom structures throughout the country such as roads, railways, docks, industrial and mining enterprises have survived in the war in its entirety. However, by the early 1960 's, the Federal Germany began to flourish, as Europe's economic power, and the United Kingdom have delayed development of economic growth is lagging far behind other countries in Western Europe.According to the 1960 's economic growth statistics, Germany's economic growth rate was 9%, and United Kingdom for 2.6%, with the exception of Ireland outside the United Kingdom became the slow development of the developed countries.In 1958, the West German economy is more than the United Kingdom.In the eyes of many observers, United Kingdom is becoming Europe's patients.The fate of the two distinct and with ironic, today it seems very educative. 1950 's Germany an "economic miracle" the background lies in its 1930 revival plan.The Nazis had invested a large amount of financial and material resources in communication, arms, vehicles, optics, chemical industry and non-ferrous metals and light engines were originally part of a war economy, but 20 years later took effect. Economist Ludwig Wilhelm Erhard's "social market economy" theory as Germany has provided strong support, in fact, political and business young talent of the post-war West Germany emerged initially were Nazi officials. Germany business critical infrastructure is not damaged in the war.The early 1950, manufacturing companies, banks, insurance companies, wholesalers and recovery operations, providing products and services to foreign markets.Even Germany mark rising failed to hinder Germany economic development that he reduce the import cost of raw materials, but there is no limit on foreign Germany product demand, Germany is a high value, technologically advanced goods.They win depends on quality, rather than price.What's more, in the first decades after World War I, they had little competition: Sweden, and French and the Netherlands who wants to buy some engines product or tool who, in addition to from Germany purchases, had no choice.Power of suppliers higher than buyers' power. By introducing an industry can learn about circumstances.In 1960, the Germany automobile manufacturing because of quality and reliable engine has won international prestige.Stuttgart's Mercedes-Benz and BMW in Munich near-monopoly on the premium-car market, first at home, then continuously overseas.The Bonn Government to openly support the industry, providing early support preferential loans to them, and to encourage cooperation between banks and enterprises, to Germany companies provide cash investments .Volkswagen as early as 1945 completes the infrastructure.And like many other industries in West Germany after the war, Volkswagen benefited from a free market economy, it has not suffered a loss of competition.Volkswagen in 1939 before access to a steady stream of resources.It worked for the Nazi,...
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