Post Open Heart Surgery Depression

Topics: Surgery, Psychology, Cardiothoracic surgery Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: August 2, 2011
The focus of this paper is to conclude a theory that presents an explanation as to why a large percentage of patients often develop depression post open-heart surgery. This theory will consider dynamic causes of depression including physiological, psychological, developmental, social, and spiritual factors of patient experiences.

Post-Cardiovascular Surgery Depress
Physiologic Stressors
Depression is among one of the many risks involving any cardiac open-heart surgical procedure. The body is put under a tremendous amount of physical stress and could cause someone to feel the effects of depression. A saw is used to crack open the sternum, the muscles are stretched apart and the adjacent nerves are strained to expose the underlying body systems. The combination of broken bones, pulled muscles, and pinched nerves can cause extreme pain in the patient. The pain experienced by this procedure can deter patients from taking the necessary steps to rehabilitate themselves and from returning to their optimum state of wellness. The physical pain could prevent one from working with physical therapy, causing further muscle and mobility loss. The simple task of taking a deep breath may be far too painful for patients and potentially cause further problems such pneumonia. Patients are told after surgery their length of stay is four to five days so long as there are no complications. If patients are unable to return to their normal level of functioning they potentially would have to go to inpatient rehab, assisted living facilities or their length of stay may be increased before able to return home. Other common post operative complications such as dysrhythmias cause a patient’s length of stay in the hospital to be greater than anticipated which also contributes to their depressed mental state. Psychological Stressors

Sometimes the greatest conflict a patient endures post open-heart surgery is the struggle between his or her own psyche and mentality. Pain,...
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