Post Mortem Care of Buddhism

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Post Mortem Care of Buddhism

The Buddhists believed that body of a dead person should be removed with dignity and be treated properly out of respect for the memory of what the deceased person had done when he was alive. His past action (Karma) will determine what his future life will be. In Buddhism death is not being called to eternal rest to lie in the bosom of the creator god “but a continuation of a process in another form of life. As far as Buddhists are concerned, there should be no religious reason to object to this practice. In fact, if such a post mortem could help the living by providing members of the medical profession with more information which could enable them to cure diseases it should be considered an act of merit on the part of Buddhists. Before and at the moment of death and for a period after death, the monk, nun or spiritual friends will read prayers and chants from the Buddhist Scriptures. It is important that the body is treated gently and with respect and that the priest can help the spirit continues its journey calmly to higher places, not causing the spirit to becoming angry and confused and may be more likely to be reborn into the lower lands. In Buddhist traditions, to aid the calming of the patient's mind, this death bed chanting is regarded as very important and is ideally the last thing the Buddhist hears. Buddhists believe that we can actively assist and bring relief to the dying members through assisting the dying through the process of dying. Buddhist believes that the final moment of our consciousness is the most important moment of all. If the ill person is in hospital and the diagnosis is forbidding that the person cannot possibly survived, the family should call in the Buddhist priest to pray for the loved one so that at the final moment, the right state of mind has been generated within the person and they can find their way into a higher state of rebirth as they leave the present lives. Some aspects of Buddhist...
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