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  • Published : March 14, 2010
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*2.1Deployment*-There will be three types of deployment strategies that will be utilized by Draper Consultancy Limited for SMART limited company, this combination entails “parallel running” , phased by function and “pilot”. This combination will significantly contribute to “smooth” deployment. I have found through research and practical experiences that firms that utilize this method ensure that the new system generates results which conform to a firm's prior expectations, including taking account of information from their existing/legacy systems, and that any appropriate capital adjustments can be made before the first date of 'live' use; therefore this system is very advantageous in a realistic implementation situation. It also enables my company to ensure that SMARTS Limited test the extent to which their new systems and reporting processes are robust over a reasonable period of time, and this can generate management information that can be used to identify and manage risk. Pilot Approach was chosen due to the coherent factor that it can specifically deal with the deployment of the software that we are creating, actuallywhen creating SCIMITAR & FROSTIE system emphasis needs to be placed on the different subsets with the organization, The pilot approach implementation usually requires one or more departments or other grouping of users to use the new system for all or some business processes before all departments come 'on-board' at a later date when the system has been proven and users are confident in its abilities and performance. This implementation strategy is vital for testing thus validating my selection. Phased by function is being implemented due to guidelines of specification, therefore this can be utilized in assessing importance of deliverables, therefore if one stage milestone is of vital importance then that particular stage can be implemented firstly. 2.2 Data Migration – Within the SCIMITAR and FROSTIE system...
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